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This video is available at YouTube to watch for free or you may watch it here for free.

This is one of my YouTube videos. There will be many more soon.

This site will contain as much information about comedy as I am able to write. I will begin by listing some of the types of comedy. Each comedy performance falls into a category which has its own rules. Here is a short list of types of comedy performers. Decide where you are best suited and work toward that goal. No one person will be good at all kinds of comedy.

Me on Dear John Comedy is a very serious subject, as we shall see...

The picture of me sitting in a chair was from the TV series Dear John. I was a cast member of that show from 1988 until 1992. I appeared in every episode. It was a comedy show, a sitcom. For me it was a sit com, but a lot of serious consideration went into each episode. I hope you have watched it and I hope you enjoyed it. It was filmed at Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood. I actually was under contract to a Hollywood studio for four years. I drove my Rambler onto the lot each day and parked next to the Mercedes and Bentleys and Rolls Royces and a couple of Jags.

I have had more than 50 years of experience as an entertainer. That includes, comedy, music, acting and playing piano and guitar. I have many videos at YouTube. My name there is Featureman. There are many Jokes, Old and New videos which I have done. I will gradually place each video onto this site.

Tribute to Comedy

smile To all who try to make people laugh, this site is dedicated.

Eddie Cantor was a successful radio and TV comic. He also wrote songs and was a movie star. He started The March of Dimes.

Comics who want to do more than just memorize some jokes and go onstage wearing a funny hat, should study incongruity. The mixing together of two or more things which are not usually thought of as going together is one of the first types of comedy recognized by children. If Dad wears Mom's hat and talks in a high voice or if Mom asks if you want pancake syrup on your cabbage that conjures up a laughable image. The same is true for comedy. If a movie scene is taking place in a library and a librarian is making a gesture for someone to keep quiet and then we see a gorilla on a motorcycle riding through, that is incongruity.

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